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Shorebird flock - Roebuck Bay

5 Reasons Why Shorebirds Are Awesome

All animals are awesome, but some are just more awesome-er than others. Here are five reasons why shorebirds are the most awesome animals in the world!

Whimbrel JX on Roebuck Bay

On A Whimbrel & A Prayer #10

Our satellite-tagged Whimbrel JX is the first to return to Australia on southward migration, having been sighted at Roebuck Bay, Broome.


On A Whimbrel & A Prayer #9

All three of our satellite-tagged whimbrels are on their southward migration back to Australia. Which Whimbrel will make it home first?

Satellite-tagged whimbrel

On A Whimbrel & A Prayer #7

As we wait for satellite-tagged whimbrels, KS and KU, to finish nesting and begin their southward migration, we revisit their journeys thus far.

Pair of whimbrels

On A Whimbrel & A Prayer #6

Six weeks have passed since KS arrived at the breeding grounds and movements away from its nesting area suggest it has newly hatched young!

Whimbrel eating crab

On A Whimbrel & A Prayer #5

Our Whimbrels, KS and KU, are at the breeding grounds! Their activity suggests they have both found suitable nesting sites and are busy breeding.


On A Whimbrel & A Prayer #4

Over the past week, our two Whimbrels KS and KU have made significant progress on migration and are now getting close to the breeding grounds!

On A Whimbrel & A Prayer #2

It is migration time and our satellite-tagged Whimbrels are on the move! Three of our Whimbrels departed Australia between 16-20th April and they are now in the northern hemisphere.

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