Wing Threads Christmas Wrap Up 2017

Exciting times ahead

As we see out another year full of exciting things, another year of exciting things lies just ahead!
In January 2018, a new chapter begins as I start work at AirBorne Australia’s microlight factory in beautiful Lake Macquarie, NSW! During this time I will build up my flying skills and mechanical knowledge while focusing on the promotional and fundraising aspects of the project in my spare time. 
Last Friday was my ‘last day’ at work and for the next six months Wing Threads will officially be my new ‘full-time job’. Thank you to all of my wonderful colleagues in the School of Biological Sciences at UWA with particular thanks to Head of School, Sarah Dunlop, Julian Partridge and my manager, Rick Roberts. I wouldn’t be where I am without their incredible support and I am going to miss everyone so much while I am away! 
Amellia Formby sitting at a table with work colleagues from University of Western Australia
Me and my colleagues from UWA celebrating my last day at work.
Over the past couple of months, I have also been working towards completing my RA-Aus cross-country flying endorsement and have now almost completed the required 10 hours of navigation exercises with an instructor and 2 hours of solo navigation. Next week is the theory exam and in-flight practical exam. Hopefully all those mornings of study before work will pay off!
Amellia Formby standing next to the propeller of a white Foxbat ultralight aircraft
Me with the Foxbat at Bruce Rock, WA, on one of my cross-country navigation exercises.

I would also like to say a special thank you to Sharon Meredith and Andy Gulliver of Peel Harvey Catchment Council for kindly inviting me to attend their Christmas party last week as a guest speaker to promote WingThreads: Flight to the Tundra to the local community. It was wonderful to meet so many people keen to be a part of the project and to hear their own ideas from how we can spread the word about shorebirds. 

Amellia Formby wearing hat and binoculars out in the field with students
Amellia Formby presenting to students on shorebirds in a classroom
Students from John Tonkin College looking through a telescope

I also thoroughly enjoyed receiving a large stack of drawings from the students at John Tonkin College, Mandurah, with whom I had the privilege of taking on a shorebird excursion earlier in the year. See the students images below for your enjoyment! 

On that note, I would like to finish by wishing everyone the merriest of merry Christmases and to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has supported Wing Threads: Flight to the Tundra over this past year. There is a new website currently under construction and I look forward to sharing many more stories and adventures with you in the new year as I can now dedicate my time to really getting this project off the ground!
Here’s to all the new adventures in 2018!
Milly Formby
Milly Formby is a zoologist, pilot, and illustrator of the children’s book, A Shorebird Flying Adventure She is currently flying her microlight around Australia in 2022/23 to share,A Shorebird Flying Adventure with primary students.
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Book cover for A Shorebird Flying Adventure

A Shorebird Flying Adventure

Available Now

Join Milly on her microlight and discover how amazing and awesome migratory shorebirds are!

Milly Formby is a zoologist and illustrator of the children’s book A Shorebird Flying Adventure. Available now through CSIRO Publishing.

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