Flight Leg 10 Livestream Replay – Streaky Bay to Port Lincoln SA

Join me LIVE from the cockpit for flight leg ten of Wing Threads: Flight Around Oz from Streaky Bay to Port Lincoln, South Australia 🛫

I departed Streaky Bay in the early morning and flew to Streaky Bay Area School to buzz the kids before tracking the coast to Port Lincoln via Coffin Bay.

This flight took me over four major shorebird sites for the Eyre Peninsula – Streaky Bay, Venus Bay, Baird Bay and Coffin Bay. These wetlands are internationally significant for migratory Sanderlings, which means that at least 1% of their entire population in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway have been counted on these beaches at any one time.

Flying over these sites it’s easy to see why they’re so important for shorebirds. Vast stretches of mudflats, sandy beaches and saltmarsh make the perfect places for shorebird to eat and sleep. The wetlands in this part of Australia remain largely untouched.

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