Flight Leg 5 Livestream Replay – Bremer Bay to Esperance WA

Join me LIVE from the cockpit for the fifth leg of Wing Threads: Flight Around Oz flying from beautiful Bremer Bay to Esperance on the south coast of WA 🛫

This leg was a 4 hour long flight in my little microlight so I completed the trip in two stages.

For the first stage, I took off from Bremer Bay and flew inland, following the western edge of the Fitzgerald National Park up to the South Coast Highway. I then followed the road east to Ravensthorpe Airfield.

On the way, I had a Wedge-tailed Eagle fly up alongside me and check me out. At first I thought it was cool but then I was a bit worried it was about to attack me as I’ve had a couple of friends who’ve been attacked by Wedgies in their aircraft 😬 Thankfully, it decided I wasn’t a threat.

At Ravensthorpe, I stopped to refuel, have a snack and chat to groundskeeper, Steve! Then it was onto Esperance where I landed at a private Airstrip called Myrup Heights just north of Esperance. I only had a few minutes to say hello to my hosts, David and Jen Ford, before I was whisked away in my ride back to Bremer Bay so that I could pick up my car and Rob could get back before last light.

Many thanks to Rob Donaldson for flying me back in his RV14 (I may want an RV now…). It only took us 50 mins to get to Bremer Bay in his RV compared to my 4 hour flight in the microlight! Amazing 😄

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