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Shorebird flock - Roebuck Bay

5 Reasons Why Shorebirds Are Awesome

All animals are awesome, but some are just more awesome-er than others. Here are five reasons why shorebirds are the most awesome animals in the world!

Three Whimbrels roosting on posts in the water

Whimbrel Watch 2019 – Update #3

Both Whimbrels, KU and LA, have reached their stopover sites in Southern China. We wait to see if storms forecast for the region will affect their progress!

Amellia Formby lying on the ground with a broken leg and giving a thumbs up

Halfway There – A Broken Leg Update

Three days in to the recce trip around Australia, Amellia broke her leg when the trailer fell on it. Read the full story of how it all happened here!

Orange cliffs and blue waters of Roebuck Bay, Western Australia

Recce Trip Adventure Vlog #3

Milly and Phil discuss the week’s events and Milly’s broken leg on their drive from Broome to Port Hedland. Hilarity ensues!

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