Flight Leg 21 Livestream Replay – Bairnsdale VIC to Merimbula NSW

Join me LIVE from the cockpit for flight leg twenty-one of Wing Threads: Flight Around Oz! We’ll be flying over Kurnai, Bidwell and Yuin Country as we travel from Bairnsdale in Victoria and cross over the border to Merimbula in New South Wales! 🛫

This will be the fourth state of Australia we’ll be crossing into since Flight Around Oz started. Woot woot!

There was no ‘good’ way to get to Merimbula from Bairnsdale without crossing over a lot of tiger country (that’s flying over places without a lot of options to land in case of an emergency) so I decided to fly along the coast to Tamboon Inlet and then head north following the Monaro Highway along the Cann River.

This route took me through the mountains at the southernmost end of the Great Dividing Range. It was a beautiful morning but very cold. Freezing level was t 8000 feet and I flew up to 8500 feet to give myself plenty of gliding range should I have an engine out. Needless to say it was pretty frosty up there and my hands and feet got heaps cold!

I was happy to descend and feel the warm air as I came into Merimbula and landed on runway 03. After taxiing to the hangar, I was met by Rex from Merimbula Aircraft Maintenance.

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