Flight Leg 7.2 Livestream Replay – Madura to Eucla WA

Join me, Microlight Milly, live from the cockpit for the second stage of flight leg seven of Wing Threads: Flight Around Oz from Madura to Eucla in Western Australia🛫

This is the second attempt to make it to Eucla today as my earlier attempt saw me choosing to turn back after hitting big thermal activity in the late morning. After take-off, I climbed up to 7500 feet to get above the inversion layer. It was smooth sailing from there on in!

I followed the Eyre Highway all the way to Eucla airstrip. From this height, it was clear to see how the Nullarbor Plain was once underwater as part of the continental shelf.

When I arrived at Eucla, I thought the airstrip was firm ground. I did a beautiful smooth landing but as I taxiied, I could hear a slapping noise. I quickly worked out it was the red earth flicking up into my wheel spats and up into the cockpit of my aircraft through the gap for the nose wheel!

Keith arrived not too long after. Not making it to the Nullarbor Roadhouse on this day meant the cold front was going to catch up with us in the morning, so we had to take the wing off the microlight and pack it up at dusk. We made it up to the roadhouse by dark and thankfully the kitchen was still open 😄🙏

Tune in for the best kind of slow TV – flying by microlight over the Nullarbor Plain! 🐢📺🛩

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