Flight Leg 7.1 Livestream Replay – Caiguna to Madura WA

Watch me get thumped by thermals in this livestream replay from the cockpit for the seventh leg of Wing Threads: Flight Around Oz from Caiguna to Madura, Western AustraliašŸ›«

This flight leg was completed in two stages. This video shows the first part, which was an early morning flight from Caiguna Roadhouse to Madura. The air was silky smooth and all I had to do was sit there and enjoy the view.

My plan was to continue on to Eucla after landing at Madura, then fly to the Nullarbor Roadhouse in the afternoon. When I took off from Madura at 11.30am, the cloud had already started developing and there was a northerly wind blowing over the escarpment that starts at Madura. I hit some big thermals – up to 1000 feet per minute – and after trying to go above cloud at 7500 ft, decided to turn back and land at Madura.

You’ll see me tackling the turbulence in the second half of the video. See chapters below!

My flight path took me along the Eyre Highway, flying over Cocklebiddy Roadhouse and the Eyre Bird Observatory. Such beautiful views of the Nullarbor Plains šŸ˜

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