STEM Incursion Application Form

Microlight Milly is flying around Australia in 2022 to share the awesome-ness of shorebirds through her new children’s book, A Shorebird Flying Adventure (available on the CSIRO Publishing wesbite)! 

Milly will be visiting schools and libraries from Perth in WA, South Australia and New South Wales between May – December 2022, and Queensland, Northern Territory and northern WA from March 2023 onwards. 

Each school visit will include:
1. An introduction to Wing Threads: Flight Around Oz
2. An illustrated journey into the amazing lives of migratory shorebirds
3. A short presentation about the shorebirds in your local area
4. A session on how to draw shorebirds for identification

A Shorebird Flying Adventure is aimed at mid-primary students aged 9-10. School visits are free of charge and work best with Grades 3-6.

To host a STEM incursion, all that is needed is a projector or screen to show a PowerPoint presentation and a whiteboard to show the kids how to draw shorebirds on.

Fill in the application form below to invite Milly to visit your local school or library.

Please note: applications for the Brisbane area are now full.