Amellia Airborne

5 thoughts on “Amellia Airborne”

  1. As a (former) flexwing pilot of many hours, I recognise your observation about trusting your gut instinct. You will encounter situations where you’ll be in a conflict over what to do – one part of you wants to risk it; another urges caution. Sometimes you’ll gamble, that’s just human nature. My only advice is to try and minimise those external factors that can force you to choose e.g. needing to be somewhere by a particular time; wanting to get home rather than land out. You’ll make some bad choices sometimes – I know I have – just know you’ve got the strength & courage to get through it and learn for next time. You’ll probably be scared witless, but that’s just part of the process 🙂


  2. Good one Milly! I remember when you first told me your idea early last year and I’m just stoked that’s it’s happening…. I’m *literally* super excited for you!


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